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Anyone who reads this journal knows that typographic matters occupy little of its author's attention. Because LiveJournal offers a "preview" function, which permits one to sort out spelling and similar errors prior to posting, then one might imagine that perfect spelling and grammar would result. In point of fact, though, I rarely use the "preview" function, and I am frequently willing to write in a grammatical style that could charitably be described as "provincial rather than accurate".

But I posit my theory today that my laissez faire attitude to such matters works a positive good. I offer as "proof one" for my theorem a bit of serendipitous discovery. As you know, great scientific discoveries seems to happen whenever someone spills burning chemicals onto countertops, or inadvertently grows healing mold. My discovery came while using that charming modern convenience, the AOL instant message service.

My invention is called "gogether". It's a typographic error for the word "together", of course, but it means so much more. What does it mean, really? I'm not sure, but I'm sure it means a lot.

Let's try a few sentences, and I'll show you what I mean:

"I saw them standing beside the bar, and let me tell you, from the way they were nuzzling, they were not just together, they were GOGETHER".

"I've been putting my resume GOGETHER and let me tell you, I'm one happening guy".

Of course, the wonderful thing about the word is that it stands in for not only the "together" words, but also the "gather" words. Observe:

"GOGETHER Your lilies while you may".

Finally, it's a great name for an older home.

"Welcome to GOGETHER. I hope you find it to your comfort".
"I wish I had never come to GOGETHER. What was I thinking? Surely not that a
40something year old man could love a nanny like me?".

Of course, the song "Come GOGETHER, right now, over me" has all sorts of new suggestive and allusive possibilities.

The list goes on and on. My theory is that there are too many words with determinate meaning. Poker is much more fun with wild cards. I submit, for your grammatical pleasure, the word "gogether". You'll find it gogethers your life.
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