Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Sierra evening

"Roll me over and turn me around
Let me keep spinning till I hit the ground"--old Thin Lizzy song

Another lightning business trip to San Francisco. On the way out, I looked out the window at the snow-covered Rockies alternating with dusty desert. On the way back, the eastern Sierras were a great mass of gorgeous snow. I imagined being on a flat space atop a remote mountain, playing in the snow.

I stayed at the SFO Marriott, which is close enough to the SFO Westin that I could go retrieve the dock kit I left there last month. I am glad to have my electric razor back. Yesterday morning I used a manual Bic, with rather cutting results. I look good in red.

My meeting went well, as everyone at the meeting came to the meeting with so much good to report and plan. The meeting went a bit over projection, but I was not worried, because I knew my plane was at 3. Then I noticed that my plane home was actually at 1:45, which put me into position to race to my gate, making it just in time. I even caught an earlier connecting flight home, and arrived home at a decent hour. I finished the James Hilton novel, and made a huge dent in the Maine regional novel I've been desultorily reading for some time.

I have a great deal to do today and tomorrow, but I feel that I can work hard and get it done. This has been a really busy time for me at work, and looks likely to stay busy well into July. But busy means I am working, and that's a good thing.

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