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a million miles away.....

Wonderful dinner with our friend K. K.'s wife L. and my wife did teacher training together in
Azusa during the brief hiatus that my wife took from the publishing/writing game. K.'s an Amerasian immigrant from Japan, who was raised in Okinawa. L.'s a latina woman from Los Angeles County who still teaches school, met K. when she was teaching English in Japan. In that way that often happens in Los Angeles, two people who grew up a million miles away somehow look pretty much like they came from the same neighborhood. K. settled with L. in LA, and it's always fun to hear his "adjusting to America" stories. K.'s job, selling seaweed to sushi places, brought him to our fair metroplex. We had such fun catching up old times, learning about Okinawa, having him translate the Japanese on the art prints my wife inherited, and mostly joking around about the various all and sundry that friends do. We even got the videotape to capture ER.

At my wife's work's December holiday party--yes, the one in which I did karaoke versions of the tunes "Alison" and "Love is the Drug" (my voice
is more David Byrne than Elvis C. or B. Ferry, but I knew most of the words by heart, always a plus), we "won" the "door prize", one of those
George Foreman electric cookers. Now, this was a really great door prize--one of many at a really primo party--but I saw it as more "our latest great ebay auction" than as "this is our lifestyle". But when the bottled gas on our gas grill gave out at the precise moment it was time to cook up steaks, George Foreman was pressed into duty. I've got to tell you, that George F. grill was a champ, and boxed our steaks into really fine order.

Now I've got an idea for the Very First Entry
on a potential amazon wishlist--a Ronco chicken rotisserie. If it cooks good on TV, I'm now officially down for it.

I've been an amazon 500 reviewer for years,
though I've been remiss in posting new reviews lately, but I've never much with the wishlist.
At this rate, I'll soon be able to make lists like: Ten Albums that Appeal to the Ambient Fan and the Arkansas Redneck in Me (speaking of which,, the greatest ambient website in the world, has a user with the cool name "ambientredneck"), or Ten Books so Quaint they Make Me Wish I lived in Late Victorian England.....

tonight I played Chicago II, and pondered how
Steely Dan stayed cool, but Chicago, well, didn't.
When "Color My World" came on, I explained to my wife and K. how every wedding I attended as a teen featured this song sung in a thick Arkansas accent ("naow, naow, thet ye're heeere, color my worrrrllllldddd with the mOments we shaaaare, and DrAAim of ur mOment 2GETHER...COLOR My WHIRRLLED with hope of luvin' EWE".....but the joke, though true, lost a lot when we had to explain to K. what "redneck" meant....what a nice guy, what a nice evening.....ready to rest now....

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