Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

In search of the rare

During lunch, I read a used copy of an edition of Innes' Tropical Fish. This book is really a treasure, because it features so many species no longer in favor in the aquarium hobby. I haven't picked up an aquarium magazine in a while, but it seemed as though the last few times I did,
there were articles on going to really remote places in search of the previously unknown. I have as much of that "spirit of inquiry" as anyone, but I have to wonder why, since the aquarium trade has literally thousands of
interesting species already introduced into the hobby,
many of which offer tremendous challenges in care and breeding, we continue to see folks trying to stalk wild stocks of little endemic species from places better left alone. There's tons of great fish to raise already
in the hobby. I don't have much respect for the "gotta have it 'cause nobody else does" theory of fishkeeping.
Tags: tropical fish
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