Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Next stop: Memeland

I often resist participating in the "meme" in which one says "ask me anything". I have two reasons for this. One is that I can never think of anything really good to ask anyone. My friends' list folks, in the main, do a very good job of answering the things I wonder without the need for further questions. Sometimes, when I do ask a question absent a meme, the answer causes me to infer that my question was less revealing than just waiting and reading might have been. The second reason is that I put so much trivia in my journal that I can't imagine there's much left to me to describe in answer to questions.

Still, when jevechan set up the current version of the meme, I came up with questions. So now I'm going to be a good pacifist soldier, and post this in my journal. Here goes, attendance optional:

1. Ask me any three questions, and I'll try to answer.
2. If you wish, post this meme in your own journal. Only you can cause forest fires.
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