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I wanna rock n roll, all night, or until 10 p.m.

A friend from CA is in town, the storms have abated, I've had a great time getting work done, I'm going to see my parents tomorrow evening back in Arkansas, I'm getting over my short burst of self-pity, the planets are aligned, God is in His Heaven/Her Heaven/well, everything's in place, and now I'm looking over a 4 leaf clover and all sorts of other happy songs, and it's time to go home now, and as the song says "The stars are burning, and the moon is shining bright...the world is turning underneath this canopy of light....somewhere tomorrow warms, the distance where the night has gone.....the dawn must come although we would deny it......Heavenly Homes....are hard to find...Heavenly thoughts, in Heavenly minds--are not the world's design".....
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