Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

upset specials

I went to, and filled out an NCAA bracket. They have a contest there in which one can "click on" the winner of each round, and it fills out the bracket automatically. The "upset psychology" of these things is so tricky. Am I right that St. Joseph's isn't the real deal, and hence prone to second round upset? Granting that it's a safe bet Texas will, as always, be upset early, will it be first round or second round? I have not done a bracket in years, but I remember that I do not do them very well.

Meanwhile, I'm slowly installing new software for the computer each evening. I also am working on a new chess tournament, as the Market Street folks have affordable space to use. Work is extraordinarily busy right now, but I have this sense that I will find some time Saturday to fly a kite, and maybe catch a sunfish or two.
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