Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

waiting and wandering

We're moving our offices to larger quarters, so I had to spend a portion of my morning during an initial walk through thinking about things that don't come naturally to me, like "is this straight" and "what size table fits here".
Now I'm watching the clouds outside my current office, grayish without quite foreboding storms.
I feel as though a busy summer is ahead, and I'm quite eager to meet it and take it for tandoori buffet.

Last night I was reviewing some books in which my wife collected all my old writings. What an incredibly thoughtful thing for her to have done--I had not focused on just what was in there, but it's almost everything I've written in the last
21 years. As a person who takes some modest pride in the generically low quality of my free verse, I should not invoke the critical eye on my past, but I'm amazed at how much more I knew at 21 than I know at 42, and how much my poetry suffered then as a result. Still, I see several things I can use to finish out Gerbil Theology, so laziness will make it a retrospective.

I have bids up on ebay auctions for things I want and don't need. Let's see what happens.

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