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I see that the Texas Steel Guitar Association has its 20th Annual Jamboree over at the DFW Airport this weekend. I will lay aside any goal of recounting my personal fantasy of playing Hawaiian ballads on a pedal steel guitar, because in my experience fantasies make better having than retelling.
The National Accordion Convention returns to Plano this year on this very weekend as well. I've missed its local appearance two years running, but I wonder if this is my accordion year. I have never been to an accordion convention, but something about it appeals.

My January chess tournament, though relatively unsuccessful in that it drew four entrants when it "needed" 14 to thrive,
got me day-dreaming about this notion of "running a convention". Wouldn't it be fun to have the Texas Kazoo Festival, or the Ambient Music Enclave? Leaving aside music, I'd love to run some kind of function--a craft show, say, or a poetry festival. I'll place that in the hat for a future lark. Collin County needs a little "oomph",and maybe I can do my little part. Of course, I have a chess tournament this weekend, and I'll be grateful if it draws 4 folks again. I'll learn and reconfigure and retool based on this chess touranment experience.

Today is primary day in Texas. My local ballot has almost no candidates running, because I am a Democrat in a heavily Republican county. I am tempted to run for something someday.
I'll bet you get good barbecue and pie in those rural campaign stops. Seriously, it would be interesting to run for something. I remember when my grandfather ran for city council. He finished something like sixth out of nine. I am a big believer in the also-ran with integrity.

I went swimming in the lazy river at the natatorium last night. This simple shallow winding flowing water pool has roughly doubled my amount of weekly exercise. All I need to get exercise done is to feel like a kid at heart, I suppose.

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