Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Congress Street Musings

I notice that my self-talk sometimes amounts to little more than an endless sea of quips. This morning my "insight" was that every cab driver I've ever had in Austin could be the answer to the question "What happened to those characters in Dazed and Confused after high school?". Austin is but three and a half hours away from Allen, but I have not been here in years. Today I'll be here for business, but I won't have time to do much more than watch it outside the taxicab window.

When I used to come here for business, far closer to twenty years ago than I prefer to recall, the town had a sleepy chic ambience. People worked for the university or the state government, and lived in wood frame houses costing sixty thousand dollars.It's a different city now, all large and high-tech and expensive.

Lately I wonder why we never make the time to come to cities we like (like Austin) to spend a weekend or long weekend. But then, I wonder about almost anything--like should I get only my spare replaced at Discount Tire, or should I replace all five tires? My big old American sedan has 113,000 miles, so I won't be driving it forever. Big old American sedans have a way of disappointing expectations of those who wish to drive them forever. But in my mind, there's something to be said for the simple 40,000 mile radials--the ones that are four for a dollar or so--as a way to say goodbye to this noble beast. If a car is on the skids, it should have tires with good traction.

I wish I could find a good panaderia before my meeting.

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