Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Saturday in February Arkansas sights

Carpets of jonquils in bloom in fields beside the interstate.
Hawks perched on fence poles, surveying empty fields. The first blooms of flowering trees. People scrambling to serve barbeque. Cows grazing. Igneous rocks. Overflow rivulets along the highway. Tall, green pines amid leave-lacking scrub hardwood. Arkansas Razorback regalia. Herons jauntily cruising overhead. A one-eyed boxer dog, begging for attention. Geological surveys. Churches everywhere. A fried pie factory. A general store with the slogan "Politics Spoken Here", and ample pictures of Bill Clinton. A bookstore filled with a top 100 list for religious books with titles like "How to be a Devoted, Dutiful Wife". A copy of "Lilies in the Field". A pet store filled with healthy tropical fish. Myriad signs for lakes accessible at the next freeway exit.

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