Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Phoenix moments

On Tuesday afternoon, I flew to Phoenix. When I arrived, I had some time before the business matter later that afternoon. I stopped in the Desert Botanical Garden. The temperature was in the 60s. I like this garden a great deal, and visit it whenever I can.

The boojum trees grow at that garden better than anywhere outside Baja that I've seen. The cardon cacti are truly impressive, and the wildflower garden was in bloom with all sorts of daisy-looking and lupine-looking things, as well as trumpet flowers and penstemons. I paused to watch two photographers with high-powered lens snap a hummingbird amid trumpet flowers. I watched desert quail scamper across the trail, between the cactus.

I wanted to stop in the library, where a donated collection of hundreds of books about cactus fills the shelves. I could not find the library in the time I had allotted, though, so I had to pass up the books. The irony of seeking out books with pictures of cactus in the midst of fields of cactus was not lost on me.

My evening got delayed a bit when a business contact had to finish some work before dinner, so I sat on a computer, googling sites about suffragettes. I'm intrigued by the issue of the problem of the "one issue" approach--the argument that some "made a deal with the devil" by accomodating segregationists from the south in this context.
I find these sorts of moral dilemae interesting yet disquieting. I wish, sometimes, that people did not have such feet of clay.

On Wednesday morning, I won a hearing which ends successfully a long-fought legal matter I've been litigating in the desert since October 2000. There's a sense of anti-climax to a win--even a big win. It's a moment of celebration, and then back to the cases at hand.

I by-passed part of Enterprise and most of Angel last night so that we could go to the natatorium. I swam in the Lazy River and then soaked in the heated water of the spa. I am trying to get much more exercise lately, having been too long settled into two walks a week when everything I read tells me that I need at least four rounds of exercise a week.

I have my next chess tournament set up in two weeks, but I am concerned that the total lack of interest generated thus far means that it will be at least as unsuccessful as the last one. I am not disheartened over this, but I see I need to change my strategy. I'm a bit frustrated with the chess federation, because I need to take an exam for the next level of tournament director status by the end of April,
but they have not sent me the test despite a January request.
I also asked for information about the mailing list for local chessplayers to promote my tournament, but got no response. I know they got my e mail on this, because they did provide me with blank forms as I requested. I guess I should follow up.

I finished Graham MacKintosh's Nearer "My Dog to Thee", a wonderful non-fiction book about camping for a month with a pound pal pet in a remote national park in Baja California. This is his third Baja book, and for me, the best. I have never hiked Baja, though I've visited a few times, but the book did conjure up for me the fun in hiking the Angeles National Forest. I loved the western nature scenery, once I got used to it.

I picked up PD James' novel, "The Murder Room", and read half of it on the plane. I have a weakness for her Adam Dalgliesh mysteries.

I've a day filled with meetings and things to do. I like Phoenix, but I'm glad to be home.

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