Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Two ribbon-like tails

My wife and I rose reasonably early today, and went to the Natatorium to work out and swim. The machines told me I earned 450 points so far, but need to earn 15,000. I made it my goal to earn 15,000 points during 2004, so that when I log in, the little strip that says "15,000 points" will be lit. I cannot understand good health or dedicated exercise, but my teen pinball years help me understand "light the bonus". I swam in circles in the Lazy River, and then soaked in the hot-tub temperature "spa" pool.

One week after our snow last Saturday, the temperature hit 68 degrees. I set out, squid and worms in hand, to fish the Park Hill Prairie. The two ponds there are small and filled with sunfish. Off the fishing dock at Marina del Rey's Chace Park, or the fishing pier at Hermosa Beach, squid is a miracle bait--attractive to fish, but impossible for mackerel to strip off the hook. I had this notion the same rule would apply to bream fishing. But although the bream were interested, and played the bait around, I got no bites. I am done with squid. I may be tired of fishing for a while, but it's too early to tell until the truly warm weather reappears.

I remembered that I had a delta wing kite in my car, so I pulled it out and put it together. It rose to the end of my string in a few moments, and then, a bit later, rose again after a lull in the wind grounded the kite. The kite came with two tails, each perhaps 15 feet long. They were plastic ribbons, attached to each of the delta wings. The kite was purple and red and blue and yellow and white. It looked great, hovering by where the natural optical illusion makes it look like the sun is located. Kite flying makes me happy.

We went to Picasso's, a nice Plano neighborhood Italian place, where I had capellini, and then we went to see a movie. We wnated to see Master and Commander, but it started too late for us, so we went to Barber Shop II. Like the first movie, it featured a lot of defense of small business, neighborhood and keeping it real. It was funny and a good watch, but I noticed I looked at my watch a time or two.

I'm re-reading a Miss Read book, before I fire up my short-wave and then go to bed. I thought today about why I started this journal, and how I talk about almost everything but the things I originally set out to discuss. I'm coming up on two years in this weblog now. I do not know how much longer I will use this format--either a long while, or a short while.

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