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back in the publishing saddle again

I picked up the latest printing (or, to be less grandiose, copying) of "Chess Poems for the Tournament Player" from the copy shop today. I was amused (though pleased) that I managed to "sell out" of my modest first copy run. Now I've written the requisite silly ad copy to put it back on ebay. Historically, these ebay ads work roughly two times in three. We'll see if past is prologue here. I consider it a moral duty to make the ad as disparaging of the book as possible, and to try to give even the non-purchasing reader a mild chuckle. I had thought about revising the intro and such in light of our move from CA to TX, but that sounded almost like work. I did switch the cover from red to blue, though--color inconsistency is the hobgoblin of my particular small mind.
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