Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

contemplating risk

I enjoyed my visit with my friends kenmora and his wife Heidi, as well as hip 3 year old daughter B, who toured me around her room and showed off her faux dress-up shoes. On the plane back home, I read the latest draft of Ken's screenplay, which has been placing well in awards contests and all that sort of thing. It's about one of those cool artist guys from centuries ago. I had somehow expected something kinda like a Charles Bukowski or John Fante novel, only set generations ago, replete with all sorts of mildly downer "I had my epiphany because I've been down so far" types of riffs. By the way, I am getting bored of the term "downer cow". Instead, Ken's put together a really interesting s-play about a life I had not realized was so adventurous. I hope he finds someone to film it someday. My friend the Grade Z film producer once asked me to write a film about rock n roll zombies, but I found I had virtually nothing to say about them. I am zoned out about zombies, more or less. It was a pre-Buffy era, when zombies lacked that artistic cachet they now have. So I passed on the project. Real artists--and screenplay writers--get me thinking. What would it be like to risk it all for a dream? I think I'll go swim in the Lazy River again tomorrow.

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