Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

bob, bob, bobbin' along

I awoke early to go the natatorium and float in the Lazy River ride. I enjoy it because it is exercise, but it has an element of easy relaxing dog-paddling about it. Rather than an aquatic mammal, now I'm more concerned I look like a cask of something, floating aimlessly down a winding stream. Actually, concerned is the wrong word. It's a kind of comforting thought.

After a lunch of Boston Market chicken, I drove to the Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve for a half-hour quick walk through the woods. The weather was in the high 50s, with the sun out. Our winter weather changes so frequently here. Last Saturday we got inches of snow. This Thursday we are predicted to have 70 degree weather. In the nature preserve, cardinals and fat, red robins flitted in the woods, just a few feet from where I walked. I remembered making a journal entry about this time last year on just this observation.

The "can make a difference" feeling I got from my reading and movie choices last weekend made me focus on exercise, hard work, and reflection. I forget sometimes how important it is to me that I actually care about the things I do. I got an incredible amount of work done today, and remembered how good it can feel to do as well at it as possible.

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