Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

lyrics and adware

Song lyric sites learn that if you place in your metatags the titles of every conceivable pop song known to humankind, you can draw folks through google searches who are hunting those lyrics, even if the lyrics are not on your site. Then you can attach liberal doses of adware (or even spyware) to the visitor, deluging that visitor with pop-up ads, including the ever-present adware for the pop-up ad to advise that adware and spyware now infects one's computer.

I like that the internet offers the chance for ordinary people to be liberated from major corporations. It's a new vista for small business and the non-mercantile-inclined.
It's the best game in town for self-expression.

Yet,small is not always good. Too many folks set up sites
run/funded by adware/spyware attachment. For every eBay that offers the chance to enter the marketplace in a good and worthwhile way, there's so many sites that just want to make the internet experience as displeasurable as possble.

Of course, I may be at fault. I have the lyrics sheet to the album with the song I want in my car. Maybe I should just
try to do one small thing without google.
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