Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Heated by power plants

As the weekend weather promises cold and rain, I focus on the ways to nonetheless have a fishing trip with my young nephews. Actually, some of my best days fishing were spent in the rain. As teens, my brother and I would fish at our grandfather's small pond, standing in the rain. During a month-long sojourn in Kentucky for a trial we didn't win, years ago, I sat in the rain in a small rented boat on Kentucky Derby day at an obscure little state park lake, hauling up bream and crappie as I got progressively more soggy, and having the time of my life.

Some lakes in Texas are heated by power plants, so I should be able to find a place where the water is warm enough to fish without having to drop the line down to 60 feet, where fish go when it is cold.

I've been down since Sunday noon, when a depression set in
over something as small as realizing that after a long wait to be seated and a wait to eat, my afternoon would be nearly over. It's continued in this vein into today, as each little thing--an LJ deletion, a work stress, a bit of loneliness,magnifies into something more palpable than it really is. I like that I was very productive yesterday at work, even though I was down.

I'll use work like a power plant on a lake, keeping the water warm until conditions warm up again.
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