Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

someday, someway

Lubbock remains a stark, vivid place, unappreciated and yet unforgettable. After my business meeting, time surprisingly did exist prior to the flight for us to nip by the Buddy Holly Center. What a wonderful display! Well-arranged, with just the right mix of facts and memorabilia. It's amazing how much impact he had on so many artists, and yet he died at 23. The Buddy Holly Center, by the way, has a pleasant website at

I hope I can get back to Lubbock some day, if for no other reason than the J & J barbecue, a mom and pop place downtown where literally mom and literally pop serve up sliced beef and hot links.

I am suffering a bit of pain from what I suspect, based on a past experience, to be the first portion of the descent of a kidney stone, and yet I am in a very good mood. Tonight we watched The Story of GI Joe,the movie about Ernie Pyle, and I found myself intrigued again with the story of the "ordinary joe". Burgess Meredith as a younger man was quite interesting.

I forget sometimes how fortunate I am to live the life I live. Things like this war stuff seem so remote, until I think of the people in war zones around the world, or my uncle who was shot down twice over Italy. Ernie Pyle's story also interests me--perhaps I should read up on him.

This weekend I must work a bit, unless my Friday is amazingly productive. I'm eager to enjoy the weekend nonetheless. I notice that I have more business travel than usual slated in the next few weeks. Not a terrible burden, but many trips west. A week from Saturday, though, two nephews come into town for a fishing trip, so I'm far from all work and no play.

As I drove to the airport this morning, a huge great blue heron flew across the highway, far above me, heading someplace.

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