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Today the temperature hit the 70s, although a brisk wind created a bit of wind chill. I drove through rural Collin County, just east of McKinney, past the proverbial "houses, farms and fields". I stopped at the Heard Natural Science Center to take a long walk. Butterflies flew here and there around the trail, viceroys and sulphurs. Black vultures hovered overhead, but nothing ominous seemed in the air.

The Dallas Morning News did put the article about my chess tournament on-line, but the DMN for some reason ties its on-line access to a registration service. I put the link with the post into "private" mode, believing that it's pointless to link to something publicly that is then available only to subscribers. I wrote off to the reporter for permission to post the text of the article in my weblog. But I've amended this post to note that I may be mistaken, and the registration may be free.

Tomorow night the weatherpeople slate arctic air to end this Spring-like idyll. But I love that a January day in Texas can be a sleetfall, 75 degrees, or anywhere in between.

We went again to Suncreek United Methodist Church today.
We tried the earlier service this time. It was a good service, led by a retired minister. The hymns this time were not the familiar Methodist hymns, but instead "Christian contemporary" pop songs. They were not awful, but I much prefer a few such songs leavened in among the old favorites.
I do like, but nonetheless parody, the way that Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil seem to have inspired as much 80s and 90s church music as Bach, but I find the chord progressions in the "gee, we're hip, or we'd want to be if we had a clue" earnest church-y stuff cloying.

Now if we could get hymns based on, say, Eno's Before and After Science era, then I might take notice. On the other hand, I do not wish to be a curmudgeon about yet another thing, so I will learn to re-mold my attitude on this.
After all the folks doing the musical accompany were really talented, and that's a positive. I could figure out how to sing along to the new songs, and that's a positive.

Maybe in the ideal church service, all hymns would be sung to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun", "Gilligan's Island", "Amazing Grace" or "Kum Ba Yah". Of course, my favorite church hymn is "This is my Song", which is sung to the tune of Finlandia, so that rule would fail me quickly.

I thought today about Greenland, and people who live in cold, remote areas, and I sit here tonight, and wonder what hymns they sang today.

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