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A Gorgeous Thunderstorm

A flash of lightning outside let me know that our rainy days are stretching towards the weekend. Just a few weeks ago, the
rain was an omnipresent delayer of good weather. Now it's a welcome friend, a respite from the really hot days. When we have a good summer, summer storms interrupt the mind-numbing heat.
When we have an "other" summer, drought makes the July August and early September days drag into weeks of heated misery...I'm eager for cool days to last a little longer this year, as we have friends from Los Angeles coming at the end of May for Memorial Day Weekend, and I'd like them not to be trapped in stifling heat.
They have an eighteen month old, so I'm conceptualizing what can we do when baby is under two....

This weekend, I must (a) get a dual cassette boom box; (b) get the copy shop to make more of my booklet; (c) finish that legal education so that I can get the compliance card mailed off; (d)
daydream fervently and without remorse; and (e) start conceptualizing how, without skills, I am going to make a "real" chess set, so that I can do one for the mail art call over in Europe for "real" chess sets.

I got three nice mail art cards yesterday, and ran across a user here at random on postcardx, which led me to immediately send out a card that way. I'm eager to get my Descanso Garden photos developed. Someday I must look into scanners and digi cams and how to post to the web so that one can insert into LJ. The last time I checked on each, I would actually have to *learn something* to use them, so I abandoned the project for fear of intellectual stimulation. On the brighter front, my brother tells me his family is getting a new CD burner, so when I finish the cool "CD release" project I'm on now, and move on to my "DIY CD", then I'll be able to release a more limited run of my own CD than of the third party release I'm working on now.
It was fun last Sunday researching the "how to get a short run of a CD professionally run" issue--I now know how to get that done.

I need gourmet raisin bran and a stiff snifter of tap water.

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