Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Curiouser and curiouser

"Publicity is the life of this culture. Without publicity capitalism could not survive and at the same time publicity is its dream."

- John Berger

Ever since I ran my ad in Chess Life magazine about the Plano Kazoo Quad chess tournanment I'm running on Saturday, I have gotten a small-ish but encouraging response in the form of calls and e mails from potential players. I have not gotten any advance entries, but I don't usually expect them for small chess tournaments.
My more or less "guaranteed attendance" is 3, but I'm hopeful we'll get more than 10, and perhaps more than 20.

I was pleased that the Dallas Morning News called me to confirm details, so that they can print an announcement in the "what's going on" section of the paper.

Today, though, a reporter called to tell me that they will probably send someone with a photographer to cover the event. Apparently, the idea of offering a kazoo as a prize makes the event interesting. That's good. It interests me.

I love the way that things catch fire, if only you believe in them, and put in the effort to make them work. Now, even if only 3 people show up for my tournament,
it will be a day of fun, no matter what happens.
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