Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

3 minutes a game

We decided today to try a new church, as neither of the U/U churches in our area quite "hold" us. So we went to Suncreek United Methodist Church, which is not five minutes from our home. I was raised Methodist, so it's a very familiar place to me. We were very happy with this church, which suggests to me that we may well join it. The church/dating metaphor is amusing. One feels a chemistry with a particular group of folks. It's not what they say, or even, really, how nicely they treat you. It's some sort of sacred pheronomes. I can't quite say we have a crush on this church, but I can tell already there is a possibility for a long-term relationship.

After church, we went to the wonderful Persian restaurant at Alma and McDermott. The staff is always so nice to us there, and the food is always good. I had a sort of lamb shank in vegetable stew. It was tasty, but next time I'll have my usual two skewers of kebab on a bed of rice instead.

Our favorite waitperson told us she is three semesters from an industrial engineering degree. I remember being three semesters from a law degree, with the future beckoning ahead. In May that will be 20 years ago. I see corporate CEOs in the news who are younger than I am. My baby sister will be 40 this year. It's funny how time passes.

The weather went from 60 degrees yesterday to 40 degrees today. We bundled up in warm clothing and took an hour's walk down the Twin Creeks Trail, very close to our home. A pair of mallard ducks were in Glendover Pond, as well as a stray duck whose species is unknown to me. Nobody was on the trail, other than the one jogger who entered as we left.

I played on-line chess with mixed results. I can drop pieces like a beginner in one game, and then pull off a really stunning mating combination against a stronger player in another game. Of course, this is partly a function of playing at 3 minutes/game time controls, in which all chess is approximate, or, in the modern parlance, fuzzy.

I read some nice poetry by LJ folks. I've found that LJ is my own personal daily poetry review, refreshing itself daily for my viewing pleasure. It's funny how some days are the perfect days to read poetry, and some days are the perfect days to scroll right by. I have at least 7 hobby things to accomplish before I take on any "new goals", but I have a long range goal of getting a poetry reading group started in the Collin County area. I have this theory, you see, that words, like Confederate money, have little worth of themselves, but instead make for the most delightful conversation. But first I have too many long-delayed projects to complete.

I'm disappointed that sandstar deleted. I hope she comes back soon. My theory is that the dead of Winter and the dead of Summer are deletion times, while Spring and Fall are times when more journals are created. I wonder what the true facts are.

Next Saturday is my chess tournament. In three Saturdays, my Arkansas nephews come for a fishing weekend. In the meantime, work beckons, Things keep marching on.

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