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Like ducks in a pond

Today I went to Texas Game Company to get a new book of scoresheets, then stopped by the new Knight Games in McKinney, which proved to be a dark room with computer screens ready for LAN-network play, and then stopped at Madness Games, also in McKinney, where I bought two rather expensive graphic novels about Superman I'll read tomorrow.

I stopped by the Allen Premium Outlet Mall, where I bought a book on tape of PG Wodehouse Jeeves stories, and ate two slices of cheese pizza.

My afternoon exercise took the form of a walk around the lake in McKinney's Town Lake Parke, where the recent heavy rains made the ducks seem particularly alert and mildly festive. I had to detour around standing water on the sidewalk, but it was a nice walk nonetheless. I drove home amid tales of Bertie Wooster.

I went home and took a nap, then arose to get ready for dinner guests. Our friends Donna and Scott came over to eat chicken with us and talk about everything and nothing. We pondered which Democrat is most likely to get elected. I remain undecided.

We listened to music--The Residents' live "13th Anniversary Show" (one of the best concerts I ever saw), Ros Bandt's charming "Stack" (played on a 55 foot steel chimney, my kinda musical experimentation), the Camel Collection (I was never a big Camel fan, really, but I love that one can know no Camel songs and yet be able to say "that's Camel, all right" upon hearing any of their work), and Van Morrison's "Common One". Although "Astral Weeks" is "the" Van Morrison album, I have a decided preference (or weakness) for "Common One". "Haunts of Ancient Peace" and the song that begins "will you meet me in the country in the Summertime in England" are amazing songs.

Donna brought an incredible home-made bread pudding, and suddenly, around 9 p.m., I felt that the mild "downer" fog in which I hovered for a day or two lifted. Donna and Scott made me a present of cheap plastic maracas, which sound nearly as good as 55 foot chimneys.

I'm exhausted, but this was a good day.

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