Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Insomnia returns for a brief encore

Thank you to everyone who has filled out my poll.
Sometimes these serve the purpose for me of
taking my finger off my own pulse and insecurities, and moving into a "sharing space". So I'm grateful for everyone who plays.

I am disappointed this morning because my LJ friend anoisblue deleted her journal. I sincerely hope this is only temporary, as I really enjoy reading her. But all one can do is see what one can see in such matters. I like her journal very much, and I always learn from poets who write more and better than I do.

Last night I stayed up late, playing game after game of on-line chess. I've become re-addicted to the unorthodox opening with e3, d3, Ne2, Nd2, etc. which I have played on and off for years. I once asked Eric Schiller, the chess author who seems to write books the way I write weblog posts, in profusion, what it is called, and he said "small center system". I think Lengfellner System is a more poetic name.

Since I kicked caffeine in October, I sleep much better. I do still get insomnia sometimes, though, as I did last night.
I think this goes with being middle-aged. My wife made these wonderful things called "banana cookies", which made the evening sweet if long. I have generally been good post-holidays about avoiding fattening foods, but I did indulge in these cookies.

We got inches upon inches of rain last night. We needed it badly, but the ground is now too wet for hiking. I'll go to a park with sidewalks, though. When I am a bit down, experience tells me that gentle exercise is the best palliative. It may be the activity, but it is also about a quiet chance to think.

Next weekend is my "big" chess tournament. So far I am only certain that 3 folks will attend, but the response to the posting of the ad on the US Chess Federation's internet site
has been quite satisfying, so I may be surprised. But even if it is only 3, I am happy I took this risk. I decided that the only way for small good things to happen is for someone to take the risks and do the work. So this is my very modest step forward. I need to get the promotion going for the second one, in March.

It's nine a.m., which is a good time for raisin bran and the morning newspaper.

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