Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A work day

A morning meeting at a client's offices. A telephone call from a court clerk. A lunch at the local Chinese buffet place. Drafting a motion. A war story from the new young attorney about her court appearance. A conference call with people about a transaction. A few moments' diversion, researching someone else's non-legal matter for fun, and following up by e mail. A telephone call with a client about her case. An e mail about a February meeting. Two telephone calls about the motion. Reading interrogatory answers by an opposing party. Drafting a letter about an overbroad subpoena. Legal research into a procedural sub-issue. Gathering exhibits for the motion. Driving across town to the Salvation Army. Meeting with five legal aid clients, one after another, to help start them on the process towards solutions. Driving home. Eating peanut butter sandwiches.
Watching ER. Playing on-line chess.
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