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My self-editing segues into a lovely garden

I deleted two tries at the story of the Republican Activist who sat next to me on the Airplane, and instead interrupt that potential programming to discuss Descanso Gardens. I had some time to kill today, in La Canada, California, so I headed to Descanso Gardens. Descanso is a beautiful public garden bracketed by the Verdugo Mountains.
The highlight of the garden is the immense camellia tree forest, but all year round, it's a fascinating place. My wife and I lived just twenty minutes from here, and neary every weekend I'd come here and walk.
On Saturday mornings, deer would shyly hop away as
one approached. Each Thanksgiving, all the leaves on the giant gingko tree would turn a bright yellow and fall off just in time for turkey. The gardens are always lovely, and they are in some very personal way very much Home to me. A home I now live 1400 miles away from, admittedly, but home nonetheless.

May Day is past the best California camellia bloom--the three main "brands" of camellias bloom in December, January and February in Southern California. Still, the last fading camellia blooms could still be seen on many trees. The rose garden was a marvel--roses of every shape and hue everywhere.
The native plant garden was filled with golden California poppy and fairyduster--that scraggly, almost ethereal desert bush that has "featherduster" red blooms a few months a year. I took a throwaway camera roll of photos, to be affixed to corrugated plastic (corruplast) cards and sent out as mail art. I only had thirty five minutes in that garden,
but to me this sort of time is Eternal Life.
I have seen the gateways of Heaven open, and they are in bloom....

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