Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Meme about lines from journals, revisited

Well, chevrefeuilles set out the meme about the last lines of friends' last ten journal posts. nacowafer switched to the first line of journal posts. Help I'm a lemming. :

"Soft space, quietly resting, much moved but not yet aware of what. It is a Thursday in the work week
(I changed "last" to first because I'm contrary that way). Ordered a credit report and am relieved that it was good. It was pleasantly cool, like a spring or fall night, because the window was open a crack.
Flake is supporting a planned legislative resolution urging Congress to pass the proposed amendment. I felt fine. He is amazing. We're proud of them. I recieved notification that my application for graduate assistantship has been received and is being processed in the next few weeks. Why?"
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