Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Fog-induced haze

Today I attended court through a thick fog. I'd share with everyone my impressions of San Martin, California, but all my impressions were of glorious fog. It was the deep, April Arkansas river bottom night fog, only we were in a California valley on a January morning. I love that San Jose area, because it has a lot of the tree-ish nice things about northern California, with a lot of the weather that reminds one more of southern California.

On the way back to the San Francisco Airport, I drove through Sunnyvale, and thought of my friend gregwest98's sojourn there in Silicon Valley during his second burst of being a rocket scientist. I remember visiting his family's little brick rental home, more years ago than I usually imagine. His kids were so young then. Somehow this trip it finally hit home to me where Stanford is, as although in theory I knew it was in Palo Alto, and I knew where Palo Alto is, I nonetheless placed mentally northwards of where it really is, somehow.

I never really regret moving from California back to Texas some three and a half years ago. We were happy in California. We are happy in Texas. But I do like winter weather in southern California. I wish I had attended the Gavilian Hills New Thought Church. When I drove by this little structure, it struck me that positive thinking may not have delivered a mansion in the sky, but it sure made a nice little stucco church. I like that the church's website, at, says that a church founder drew her initial inspiration from the serenity of a woman she saw meditating at a Gilroy beauty shop. My own point of view is that grace and serenity should be found in beauty shops, convenience stores and in front of the Captin Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy pinball machine.

While I waited for my plane at SFO, I took advantage of my cell phone having one of those unlimited something-or-other-which-lets-you-call-cheap and called an inquirer about the chess tournament. The fellow's son wants to play in his first USCF tournament, and I hope he'll come play. Meanwhile, they've sent me the floor plan for the tourney room set-up. I am beginning to get hopeful, but of course, actual attendance, not hope, will tell the tale. Maybe I need to think positively.

I arrived at Dallas Fort Worth airport at a reasonable hour,and then wandered the parking lot for an hour hunting my car. After this interval, I realized that American Airlines has two terminals in its Dallas "hub", and I had landed at the "other" terminal, not the one from which I departed. I needed the exercise, and the weight training of lugging three bags all over the wrong parking garage must be good for helping me find that perfect "carrying three bags for miles" form of muscle tone.

The BBC told me about hope at Manchester United and financial disaster for Leeds, as well as the upcoming trial of the Bank of England arising from the BCCI scandal.

I am so glad to be home.

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