Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A flower blooms in the desert

I spent today in San Francisco, attending a mediation. Tomorrow I am in meetings in San Francisco. Monday I have a hearing in San Martin, California, which is down south a bit, in Santa Clara County. Rather than "flying home and flying back", I am staying the weekend in a town called Morgan Hill, which is a few miles from the courthouse I must visit Monday.

Today I got news which I'll express in metaphor as a gorgeous cactus blooming in the desert. The most curious thing about such successes is that one always wonders how they could have been greater. One is always tempted to say "that was easy" or "it could have been a more showy bloom". But please pardon me if I say "I worked hard for that". Tonight I ate Mongolian barbecue with a client. I love watching the cook take the things I chose for my bowl, and cooking them on the huge grill. I had two bowls, with ample pineapple. Tomorrow I shall have a croissant and a scone. Then I will tackle the big questions--will CalTrans get me close enough to Morgan Hill that I need not rent a car? Is there a great hiking trail nearby? and is there a really quaint used bookstore in the region with books that go for miles?
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