Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

in a cold blur

We have winter here in north Texas, but it's quite spotty. Saturday, we hit the 70s. Sunday was what I think of as a typical winter day--high 40s with overcast/rainy skies. Last night the temperature dropped down to 20 degrees. My wife gave me a new winter coat for Christmas, which has come in extremely handy. I like Texas winters. We get four seasons, but the Summer is a bit harsher and the Winter is a bit milder than in my mental storybook.

I liked our old winters in the California foothills. Huge ceanothus bushes in blue bloom in the mountains, the camellia forest at Descanso Garden cycling blooms through each of the three main varieties from November through February, and a pleasant cool out in the desert.
But I do like having four seasons here, instead of the three in La Crescenta.

I worked furiously and well yesterday, because I had numerous court filings to do. Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for a business trip to northern California that will last through Monday. I dislike trips that "roll over" a weekend, but the alternative, flying out twice, is more unpalatable. I think I end in or near Santa Clara County for the weekend, because my court hearing is in an inland Santa Clara County town. I'll have to check the weather, to see if it's warm enough to hike. I found a chess tournament Sunday in San Jose, but I am not really sure how far that is from where I'll be.

A fellow called me last night because he saw my chess tournament advertised on the web. A nice guy, and yet another fellow who tells me he wants prizes at tournaments. My "no prize" idea may have to give way in future tournaments.
The tournament announcement came out in Chess Life. I still amuse myself with my ad line "Play quickly. Play fervently. Play to win a kazoo".

The state chess association tournament clearinghouse folks did get back to me about my March tournament, pointing out a conflicting other tournament. I may move it to April, although the other tournament is 6 hours away in San Antonio. I'm mostly glad to get a response.

My on-line blitz chess rating slipped back below 1500, although I'm sure in the long run it is rising. My nadir was a loss to a 900 player, which reminded me once again that I am the poorest tactician an over the board B player could ever be. I just can't match people head to head in attacking formations. I do much better to bore my opponent to death, seize a pawn and simplify.

This morning I had good results against a 1500, who kept playing Dutch-defense-ish positions from both sides of the boards (via the Colle or London with White) with difficult pawn structures, and then unwisely letting me simplify the game and start picking off his pawns. We were quite evenly matched, though, and it was a pleasure to play with him.

Meetings all day today with folks coming in from far away. Then home through the cold.

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