Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

an hour before midnight

Dinner at McKinney's Mama Emilia's, just off the quaint square, charming Italian in a high ceilinged, dark-lighted brick building, seafood pomodoro, nice chat with spouse, brother and brother's spouse, marveling at their absent children--"youth is wasted on the young", driving home, taking a wrong turn, watching a bowl game, without anyone being very interested, "2003 was a great year" contrasted with "I'm really glad that 2003 is over", good times remembered, sad times remembered, everyone too tired to stay up talking until midnight, on-line chess, weblog comments,
the ball drops in New York, hiking tomorrow, warm evening,
newly-groomed dogs, years with a science fiction ring to them. I never dreamed so much would happen. I never dreamed so little would happen. A kiss, a shortwave radio, an alarm clock, a darkened light, a TV actor playing to a TV jury,
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