Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Great Airport Mystery

My sister made a lunch of old-fashioned chicken-fried steaks, which I have not eaten in years uncounted. My niece showed me her home-made scrapbook, which, appropriately enough, largely celebrated my niece.

Because one niece and one nephew were due for Christmas Eve celebrations at their father's, we opened presents Christmas Eve afternoon. I enjoyed watching the kids enjoy watching their presents.

I settled down in the afternoon with "The Great Airport Mystery", a copyright 1930 Hardy Boys book my mother got me when I was a teen. I learned my love for reading from having newer edition Hardy Boys books read to me.

In this "Great Airport Mystery", Frank and Joe faced an existential dilemma--college or a lifelong career in detection? The dilemma was never solved. I am not sure the dilemma is ever solved.

My wife and I fell asleep yesterday afternoon. We were awakened by the departing niece and nephew, who just had to stop by and give us a goodbye hug. I like being an uncle that kids want to hug.

I spoke this Christmas Day morning with my brother, back in the Dallas area. He gets off until Monday after next. His kids are playing a Lord of the Rings computer game. He is spending two hours a day teaching his sixteen year old to drive. I am not old enough to have a 16 year old nephew who drives, I posit to myself. But facts are facts.

Tomorrow I'll go with my father, weather willing, to hunt diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. On Saturday, I'll get some fishing in if possible. I love Christmas.

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