Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Two days to go

After working on Saturday, I found myself resting on Sunday. My afternoon effort at Christmas shopping produced little in the way of tangible success, and I managed not to take advantage of the glorious sixty five degree temperature. On the bright side, I am taking off Wednesday through Friday, so I have two hectic days to go, and then I am on holiday.

I did take a nice walk last night, over in Glendover Park, the small park in our housing subdivision. I love the Autumn stars. I look at the Pleaides. To the naked eye, they are five to seven stars, depending on visibility. Through binoculars, they are dozens of stars. Through a small telescope, they are a star cluster. Through a strong telescope, they are a miracle.
I think a lot of things work this way, but I see it directly with the seven sisters.

I have not been good about Christmas cards this year. Perhaps there is still time.

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