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Equinox Hope

We're heading into the next shopping weekend before Christmas. I hope you'll pardon me for not railing about the commercialization of Christmas and How Things Used to Be. I prefer tonight to look at potential, and kind wishes, and ways to make things work. Will you join me in pondering seven ways to wish for better things?

Poll #215379 Seven Holiday Wishes

Please tell me one kindness you can do this holiday for someone in your life

If you could give one new, unwrapped gift to a tot toy drive, which toy from your childhood would you give?

If you could telephone one long neglected living friend, and have a nice chat, whom would you call?

If you could write a long letter to a living relative, whom would you write? What would you say?

If you could bake a favorite dessert, what would you bake?

If you could buy yourself a special gift costing less than 10 dollars, what would you buy?

If you could smile at someone lonely, at whom would you smile?

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