Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

party rentals

A brochure in Spanish promises pinatas for all situations. A steel building party rental place thirty miles away costs too much for a chess tournament. Everywhere I go I see party stores opening. I must miss two Friday Christmas parties due to a last-minute out of town business meeting which just gelled, but somehow I am relieved not to have to choose which one to attend. I had an "un-party" once, in which I sought to parody parties. It was well attended, but unsuccessful. Perhaps it was the long, cheap strings of tinsel on the ceiling fan, or the odd way I dressed that made it fail. Among my circle, "partying" was a pejorative. Perhaps this was a result of growing up in a disco era, when the most profound thing anyone in a song ever did was "party". But I like the idea of an open house party, where people come and go, and cookies are served. For that matter, I like the idea of any gracious, civilized thing where people gather, chat amiably, don't stress out, and don't be judgmental about one another. I would throw a party, and invite all my LJ friends, and be intrigued if they all could come.
But I suspect that meeting LJ friends would work out better in smaller group settings. Maybe the solution is to have an on-line holiday party. But I do not much care for that on-line D & D- esque way of people writing "slurp" as if they were pretending to drink hot chocolate. Meanwhile, a spam e mail comes in "more great on-line gifts from". This weekend I am largely on my own, with lots of work to do, as my wife helps organize docentry for a tour of homes. Maybe I'll go to some rural Christmas celebration, which always seem to happen in the first week of December. Maybe I'll just go fishing for sunfish at the Park Hill Prairie.
Maybe I'll just work, and walk, and get a few hobby projects done. I feel so far behind on my hobby projects. I should catch up. I also have to finish my Xmas shopping. So maybe no parties for me, quite yet, anyway.

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