Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Fourteen things

1. The 500+ miles down from Kansas City is always a new revelation. This time, falling asleep just after getting us on the last easy stretch south in southern Oklahoma, only to be awakened to find that a wrong turn had moved us west on I-40 west of our goal, made for an interesting afternoon. Usually, we take either the "Tulsa route" involving US 75 and a collection of lesser highways, or the "Oklahoma City route", longer-but-with-better-roads, involving I 35. But now we got to take the "Seminole country road route" through US 377, which runs between those two estimable freeways. When the warning sign said "Watch for Horse Drawn Wagons", I realized we must be in Oklahoma's Amish Country.
We did not see any Amish, it being Sunday afternoon, but we made a mental note for an interesting place for a future visit.

2. I always imagine being in a chess tournament where the crowd gathers round to see me score a great upset over a strong master. This time, though, the crowd was gathered round to see a kid with a rating nearly 800 points below mine nearly upset me. Scholastic ratings are always deflated--this 900 rating player was more like a 1500. I narrowly escaped when he overstepped his time limit. I only won 1 out of 4 games, but I actually played pretty well overall. I was amused that as I was about to leave the chess club, I saw a sign that said "Congratulation to our 2003 Missouri state champion", along with a picture of my first round opponent, and a sign that said "Congratulations to our 2003 Missouri co-state champion" with a picture of my fourth round opponent.

3. This Thanksgiving I did not have a single dinner roll. It's not some bestseller diet, I just missed them on Thursday, and did not get served them any other time. To me, dinner rolls are a key part of Thanksgiving. But there's always Christmas.

4. A few days away from the computer reminds me of life before the internet. I do not have a really great thing to say about the contrast, but I remember those days.

5. I love winter hawks, perched on small trees and telephone poles, hunting.

6. I saw an exhibition of masks from around the world at the Johnson County Museum of History.
Simply fabulous--and for a suggested donation of a dollar. A local resident owned the collection. Only a few things in the collection were so rare or expensive that anyone couldn't own them. I like that idea--one can collect something cool even without a fortune.

7. I missed the chance to see a 1950s Christmas in Kansas City's first "all-electric home". The tickets for the 2:30 tour sold out.

8. I have three vigorous days of work to do, to meet some deadlines. But next weekend I'll have some free time again.

9. A toy store in KC had Slinkys for four dollars. Now that's living--a slinky. Too bad that instead I bought the little one note flute-like thing that sounds like a bullhorn on helium.

10. I'm in the midst of re-reading the second Lord Peter Wimsey book. I remember how much influence Dorothy Sayers had upon my letter writing style. That reminds me--I have more letters to write.

11. I was relatively moderate this Thanksgiving in caloric intake, although an in-law did make a subtle point of sliding the chocolate covered almonds out of my reach. I guess I must bite the bullet and go back to full bore eating healthy once again soon. I felt healthier thinner. The new blood pressure machine from Wal Mart works quite well.

12. Today I go for nearly the final installment of my 2003 dental work suite. What can one say about dental work? I'm glad it's over. I'm pleased I got this far with so little permanent problem.

13. When asked why she wrote her cursive words backward, my niece told the powers that be "because I can".

14. I love the look of little forgotten Oklahoma and Kansas towns, but I'm not sorry to live near a city.

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