Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

time knows no limits on days such as these

I like the sense of comfort some places, sounds and ideas have for me. I listen to Be Bop Deluxe's live version of "Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape", and the languid yet glissandi-filled solo makes my spirits rise like yeast dough on Sunday crescent rolls. I notice that many of my favorite singers have vocal ranges that are not that far from my own--why aspire to have heroes to look up to, when one can have singers with whom to sing along?

The words of possession come with these feelings--"my hiking trail, my pond, my song", but it's not an ownership thing at all. It's a sense of admission--I've given a ticket to this particular unwieldy tourist to make a temporary home in my dreamscape. I sense that I am at home, and so these things must belong to me. Maybe that's a marvel in the world of notions--there are no deeds, and the property ownership is entirely a figment of the imagination.
Of course, a tear erupts from my eye for just a moment, like the commercial, that all ownership is a figment, but that's just a passing cinematic denial, and not a desire to reorder the nature of property.

I notice that I "have" a fishing lake, a favorite trail, and even a cinnamon roll source. Last year, I remember writing how I "owned" herons. Perhaps it is a problem of attachment. But I listen to my favorite guitar solo, and it is "mine", too, though the rights all belong to a Yorkshire guitarist and his assignees, thousands of miles away.

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