Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

heron flight

Today as I hiked near the lake, a great blue heron flew overhead. Lake Lavon hosted dozens of seagulls, who bobbed up and down like so many white rubber ducks. I ate a turkey leg for lunch, accompanied by fruit punch. I got an e mail from Walter Browne that he is discontinuing the World Blitz Chess Association. I'm sorry to see yet another chess organization go--particularly the one that rates games at the five minute speed. I got up early and worked on my continuing legal education. I am within very short range of being caught up. Last night I rode the plane back from Los Angeles, with a copy of Jane Austen's "Persuasion" (which I finished at last), a copy of "In-Fisherman" magazine and a copy of "Spin" magazine. I discovered that I would like to visit Lyme, that I do not know how one even fishes for panfish with a bait called a tube (making the article on this topic incomprehensible), and that I do not have a favorite member of the Strokes. I thought about theremins, and heard a man on the radio play a musical saw. My chess tournament got listed on a chess website I never heard of before today, so the internet's promotional value is rising in my estimation. Big Lots looked like Christmas, but when a dollar store looks like Christmas too early I do not get resentful. Dollar stores need all the Christmas they can get. I love the warm, overcast November days--and the chill, quiltatious nights.

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