Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Week's progress

Last Sunday I set 14 goals for this week. I'm going to inventory what I got done and what I did not get done:

Things I got done
1. get a room reserved and arrange for advertising for my chess tournament;

This made me feel good, because it required me to stretch into things I do not usually do.

4. post my CD for sale on eBay
5. relist my chess poem book on eBay.

I was glad I got these done, but the items didn't sell. That sends my October record for the book down to 3 books sold in 5 auctions.
That's not a bad average, but as xmas approaches, I used to do a bit better.

6. write 2 reviews of books i've read
I was glad to get this done, although I noted I've slipped from number 602 to number 607 in the listings.

10. send off an ad to Aquarium Fish Magazine promoting the Feeder Guppy Rescue League, to make satire into true reality.

This was an odd thing to do, but I did it.
At least the sales guy, Zack, shared my good chuckle over it.
13. get hood for fish tank
I did put in a bid on eBAy for a complete aquarium, including hood and stand. When bidding hit 42 dollars, I hit the exit, even though the stand and hood alone are probably worth about that.

Things I did not get done, but attempted
9. contact the woman about the fund-raising thing

When I went to her company's website, she's no longer listed as employed there.

11. take four walks
I took three and mowed the lawn, but I watched Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror when I could have taken walk 4.

3. clean up my art room
I only made desultory efforts at this so far.

Things wholly undone

2. load the software for my digicam on my computer
7. read the third book, a good one long half-finished I wish to review and review it
8. submit poems seeking potential publication to 3 magazines or ezines
12. schedule doctor's appointment
14. finish 2 nervousness exchanges

This was a useful device for me. On the one hand, I perhaps got more done than I usually get done. On the other hand, I could be much more productive. I will abandon the on line to do list for a while, but it was useful to use it this time.

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