Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

weekend phrases

black swallowtail butterflies, five hot air balloons, barbacoa burritos, reading about Linden, Texas (where they want to be a mini-Branson), blood pressure machine in a grocery store, a squirrel rolling up a tree, losing at slow chess, doing better at quick chess, watching losing Razorbacks, watching winning Cowboys, loving "About Schmidt" and then falling asleep from sheer exhaustion, question mark butterflies, a party-set of grackles, a cowbird watching grackles fly, a seagull being chased by a blackbird, an aquarium hood (overpriced), payment for an eBay purchase almost forgotten, receiving payment for a poetry book, writing poetry around a single theme, a torrent of words, as my best notions always are, a walk around a cool, tree-surrounded city pond, as afternoon turns to warm but cooler evening, an e mail to a country party place (in a giant industrial looking building) about a potential chess tournament, buying kazoos at a dollar store, petting dogs, wearing a khaki baseball cap, saying that in Los Angeles I dressed timelessly, because I wore such timeless Hawaiian shirts, thinking that eBay must have Hawaiian shirts in my tent-like size, looking at work boots on Wal Mart shelves without bootish intention, feeling a little tired, a little sad, but somehow at peace.

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