Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Ten items

1. I dislike that my car is always disorganized and full of stuff, but I love that as I get out of my car to go to the airport, and think I am without reading material, I can just reach down, and "voila", there's AS Byatt's "Possession", purchased at a library used book sale weeks ago, but not moved in from the car.
This proves to be a fascinating read. I'm four fifths of the way through, and the "literary romance thriller" has me hooked. I do not surprise myself that books with flowery prose, tongue in cheek literary parody and overwrought 19th Century writers, can pull me in.

2. I got off the plane at my stopover in Vegas last night, and meandered over to the giant Wheel of Fortune machine. In those unlikely times when the stars align and the machine chants "Wheel of Fortune", causing the big wheel to spin, then one feels as though one has been specially chosen by God to receive 250 tokens. This, I suspect, is the root of the gambling addiction. I wonder how many other bits of good fortune I see as divine providence, and contrariwise, how many bits of divine providence I see as merely mundane. I lost forty dollars, and the wheel didn't spin, but I'll resist the damnation discussion. Instead, I'll mention that although my "preset limit" for gambling during this airport run was 40 dollars, I inexplicably (and thus, in willful error) did meander over to one of those curious nickel machines in which one plays 15 nickels, and wins for inexplicable reasons in impossible combinations. I soon found myself up 20 dollars, based on apparently causing some lobsters to align in a row. A fisherman appeared,and began pulling lobsters out of bottles, which then paid me immense tokens. Sadly, I kept gambling until my winning were down to 2 dollars and 30 cents, 1 dollar of which I tipped to the woman who converted hundreds of nickels back into money. I cannot, therefore, answer about the Fates, but I am hopeful about lobsters.

3. I got upgraded yesterday by my airline, which apparently has determined that I am part of the silver elite. I have never been a silver elite, but I dislike the class warfare sound of it. I do not dislike the extra room in first class. Everyone should fly in first class. We had an airline, called Legend, based on this philosophy. Tons of legroom and tickets to LA on 3 days' notice for 200 dollars. That airline is now, alas, merely a legend.

4. Sometimes I am sheepish in conversation.

5. I wanted the Red Sox to play the Cubs in the World Series, for no particular reason, but now I want baseball to end.

6. I am already dreaming of seeing a far-away heron in the distance, taking wing.
I am thinking of the year-round resident great blue heron, but it is almost time for some of the white herons to make looping passes as they swoop up in flocks and depart. Amazing things happen in droves here--like the fire ant queen flight in March.

7. I wonder if Lake Ray Roberts, one of the small bands of places with the zebra longwing butterfly, will still be in zebra butterfly now.

8. I have a marvellous way to finish a nervousness exchange I am working on. I am so eager to put it into practice.

9. I wonder, sometimes, if everyone doesn't need two home-made scratch biscuits, and a good dollop of honey made from mountain flowers.

10. The problem with velvet ants is that they are really wingless wasps.
They sting.
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