Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Repetition is the Werewolf of Ordinary Minds

A friend pointed out that some things from the early days of my journal still are on my "to do" list some eighteen months later. My aquarium for feeder guppies project, though advanced to the point of buying most of the equipment, remains mired in the simple purchase of the last item--a fluorescent hood--simply because I determined to try to buy all my equipment used. My terrarium, by contrast, did get set up, planted in flower seed, and failed nobly in a matter of weeks. I'll have to set up a proper tropical plant one in the near future. I started out to write my LJ about law careers, based on some internet advice I was giving to folks on such matters. One of my advice outlets, an "ask the expert" free deal, dropped me when I missed answering a question within the requisite time period. Another, a law career message board, bored me when it began to deny access to participants to messages over 60 days old, so that one would pay a monthly subscription. I did not think I should have to subscribe to see my own posts on a message board, so I stopped participating.

So many projects begun and yet unfinished--a poetry book called "Gerbil Theology", a cool bit of "found poetry" which needs only a cover and some formatting, the dreaded guppy aquarium, the chess tournaments I hope to host, a charity fund-raising project, and a myriad of other things. But talking about them every full moon can't be bad, and life goes on. I like that sense that I'm in there punching, even if I seem to be shadow boxing in my journal so much of the time.

Maybe I'll have to go to Wal Mart or Petsco and buy an aquarium hood retail.

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