Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Going to extremes

The French elections, coupled with interviews with neo-right leaders across Europe on the radio today,
made a strong impression on me. How can people have forgotten?
The era 1933 to 1945 is less than a century in our past, and the scars have not begun to heal. I expect for each generation to make its own mistakes, but must they be so transparent? I believe that good people can help overcome xenophobia and hate. I hope this sends a wake-up call to the French people--don't send messages by voting for fascists. History shows that sometimes the message is received with a vengeance.

I set up the bird feeder that I got for 5 dollars at Dollar General today. The bird seed package, sold by the folks who wrote our wonderful Stokes bird book, promises that desirable red cardinals find the seed tasty, while the omnipresent black grackles
prefer other fare. I rather like grackles, with their "great tails" and their "boat tails", but I wanted to see if this boast on the package could be true. The feeder hangs suspended from a back fence. Of course, I wait until winter has passed and seed is abundant to make my contribution to nutrient supply.

I got my scrapbook mail art project off to Australia today.
[note to self: investigate US Postal Service alternatives
to air mail, such as "backpacked on an emu overland" or "handed to a woman [or man] with a desultory smile who already has purchased air passage to Sydney" for next 2 pound mailing]. I am pleased with myself, because a rather elaborate (though unelaborated here), if wholly inartistic, package was conceived, produced, and transmitted within a space of 72 hours. I wanted to send it far, far away, and my goodness, I think I have.

I received a very nice mail art card from nacowafer, and posted a card to an old friend in North Carolina. I was delighted that my
old friend GregWest98 set up his livejournal. I've read his stories and notions for years on end, and to see them encased in amber here will be a fun addition to my friends list. Greg is a recovered rocket scientist turned computer genius.
My own bachelor's in physics gives me just enough info to get through the average dinner party with the average scientist, and I remember when one programmed in Fortran using punchkey cards, but I never feel a great contrast between us.

I had a very productive day, no doubt stimulated to unusual achievement by all that exercise and fun this weekend. I've got a Frederick Pohl sci fi to finish, some good book recs for something a bit more meaty, and a general optimism that I wish I could translate into something useful.
But my television program is about to begin.

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