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Mountains and non-Mountains (photo display)

I took some pictures during last weekend's trip to the mountains, and a few from my local area. I'll place them behind the cut.

These are the Kiamichi Mountains, as seen from the picturesque Talimena Drive, in southeastern Oklahoma. The drive, which links up the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas with the Kiamichi Mountains in Oklahoma, runs along the ridge of one set of mountains, with distant mountain ridges on each side. It's simply gorgeous.

This is the forest in which my friend Gene and I hiked during our time in the Winding Stair National Forest:

We enjoyed the deep woods, filled with short-needle pines, and the last Fall violets.

The border between the State of Texas and the State of Oklahoma, near Paris, Texas, features rolling hills rather than mountain country. The Red River marks the dividing line between the two states. It's a shallow, expansive river, gently rolling:

Things are appreciably more prairie-like where I live, and rather smaller in scale, though I do not quite live in pure prairie itself, but in a kind of transition zone. Here's little Glendover Pond, the park pond in the little park a short walk from our little tract home:

The Boyle Farm, a five minute walk from my house, keeps the landscape a bit more rustic than our suburban sprawl neighborhood:

In this season, the crape myrtle trees have a second bloom, with reds and pinks and whites showing everywhere:
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