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Dinner with blue corn, blue painted faces

Dinner at Blue Corn Restaurant, a nice southwestern restaurant where the "chips bowl" has some yam chips in it. Then we rented Curse of the Jade Scorpion, but we did not finish it, because
the art fair activity caught up with my wife, and she fell asleep midfauxnoir. Because I had forgotten that caffeine gives me such insomnia nowadays, I stayed up late on the strength of diet coke, making use of the scrapbook I got a Dollar General. I listened to the cheap shortwave I bought on ebay, certainly one of the most cost/beneficial gadgets I ever bought. When I was a teen, I loved to listen to my dad's vintage
Hallicrafters tube type shortwave radio. I wondered if a little portable would do the trick.
I've been pleasantly surprised, because
the radio has picked up a lot of interesting things. The Voice of the Andes, in Quito, ran an interesting two in the morning article on body painting throughout the world I learned nuggets of wisdom, such as the Maori's resentment of those non-Maoris who imitate their face paint.
I never considered body paint, though I suppose each it is a matter of taste. That mini-rage for
medhi paint a few years back resulted in some rather deeply appealing looks for some folks, but I'm just not the lattice-work-on-my-neck kind of guy. I switched the station, to hear a man with a Canadian accent lambasting the Bush administration over the extremely sad friendly fire matter. Just when I had decided that the Canadian Broadcasting
folks had radicalized, he gave the "call" of
Radio Havana Cuba. A bell in my head rang, and the world once again turned on its accustomed axis.

Today I walked in Breckinridge Park in Richardson--a gorgeous lake park with birds at play and flowers planted everwhere. I watched a father and ten year old son team get a small catfish out the catch and release pond by the gazebo (or, as a friend would say, the *pergola*)--they were elated, and took pictures of their small but
satisfying catch. I saw hawks above,
little blue tanager-ish birds, a squirrel perched on mid-tree, acorn in mouth, and those little killdeer, who hang out in suburbs but always look like the wish they were at the ocean as they skitter about. Then I got my wife some native plants at the Heard museum native plant sale,
while getting myself some terrarium native ferns.

It's been a fun weekend, but I want to finish my scrapbook and my poetry book. A busy week ahead, and that's before the fun comes in.

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