Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Fourteen quick notes to self (open to all to view)

1. remains a wonderful resources, but the hotel, in future, must be at least 3 stars.
What a difference a star makes!

2. When the nice person on the airline phone asks you "are you on the 3:40?" when she tells you there's nothing earlier, do check your itinerary next time instead of assuming that you are, so that you won't be so surprised that you're really on the 3:15.

3. Never assume that you know everything about everyone. The fellow who runs "The Temple of Good Things", for example, in the Westchester area of LA--he seems the consummate hippie in the consummate hippie shop. But then he tells me that he graduated high school in 1948, which makes him rather older than your parents, and you realize that you've got it all wrong somehow, and you don't know all that you know, because if there's one thing about your own depression-baby parents you know, it's that they're discernibly pre-hippie.

4. Use any visit to any metaphysical or "hippie" or "head" shop as an excuse to zone back to the shop "Vascular Bundles", in Gurdon, Arkansas, where cheap incense lit up your childhood like a Pink Floyd album played backwards. What great novelty things those stores had! Then zone back to Pier One when it was really cool and third world, and then make a mental note to hunt for folk art here there and yon.

5. Revel in the cards you bought from the store, which fortunately do not have hidden innuendos like the time that you missed the lascivious metaphor in the one with the dragon and the woman, sparking much teasing both from spouse and from intended recipient.
One card is a village scene in mountains, the other something cool but not too new age. Hopefully, no metaphoric content here that you've missed with your customary lack of attunement to things visual.

6. Hey, that "special Japanese mackerel" is not bad!
But the waitperson did not really need to act as though no Texan would ever order it. That radish sauce, or whatever it was, really worked.

7. Broken Bow Oklahoma! What a great idea for a weekend. But I wonder whether there'll be great barbecue, or some really charming, quaint place to eat.

8. How can one be in El Segundo at midnight and there not be a single pizza place around still open! No wonder they're having a recall election in California. Thank goodness for IHOP. Pumpkin pancakes, indeed. IHOP should offer Sunday services, as souls are saved.

9. 1 in 8 Americans in poverty. Heaven knows we need some souls saved.

10. DFW Airport was charming to play Robert Palmer as ambient music on the evening of his death. Music for Airports, indeed.

11. The man at the America West counter who straightened out my personal scheduling snafu renewed my faith in all personkind.

12. I love sci fi books about alien cultures, psi powers, and future history. On an unrelated vein, I love gingerbread men.

13. I face such world affecting decisions. throwaway or five dollar instamatic? shorts or long pants?

14. To achieve silence, to achieve quiet, to really meditate, to really pray. Hmmmm......
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