Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

on knowing the unknowable

"[O]ne cannot argue whether ultimate reality exists. One can only ask what ultimate reality is like - whether, for instance, in the last analysis what lies at the heart of things and governs their working is to be described in personal or impersonal categories."--John AT Robinson

The problem arises from paradigm. In a paradigm in which self-defense, economic growth, and the imperialism of ideas reign supreme, the current impasses will merely exacerbate, until perhaps some future age when weaponry improves enough to permit paradigmatic terrorists solve the problem with brief-case size debates.

But what if the paradigm shifted? What if the issues were alleviating human suffering,
researching the inner and outward mysteries of life, and serving good baked good for everyone one? Wouldn't ultimate reality be easier to determine, and the croissants be more tasty anyway?

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