Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

goodbye, mr. journal

I suppose someday I will learn to pre-write journal posts. But there is a pleasing sense of risk when any potential post can be lost in the ether. My "hush puppies as food leads into hush puppies as literary metaphor for mental comfort food", sprinkled with quotes from Warwick Deeping and AJ Cronin, and literary references to a handful of half-forgotten Brit novelists,along with a brief quote from Elvis Costello's "beyond belief", now resides in that afterlife to which departed posts go. I was just swinging into the Argonauts/Argo metaphor, when my on line service lost connection, losing my post. I had summed up my Sunday fatigue, the restorative effect of "goodbye, mr. chips", the fact that I throw the ring into Mount Doom several times a year, and the way that gristmill hush puppies fried in sunflower seed oil in a scalding hot deep cauldron are the best. I was not going to mention, but will mention now, how the sad marital discord of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman reminds me that no matter how attractive, bright and charming people are, they must face the same issues which the rest of us face, and I hope they face them as nobly as possible. I am not sure the Holy Grail is to be found in a beautiful person's eyes, even if that person has eyes like Uma Thurman's. CP Snow had that tag about "The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you'll never find it". I think that one can only be thankful for what goes right in one's life. I found again the A.J. Cronin quote which goes "Gratitude is something of which none of us can give too much. For on the smiles, the thanks we give, our little gestures of appreciation, our neighbors build their philosophy of life". I wish to be a better person in each way than I have been, and perhaps I will start with small smiles and thanks. Oh, and getting enough sleep, and being more tactful. Oh, and pre-writing journal posts.

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