Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

pinky of doom

Last night the work spilled over until quite a late hour, but when I arrived home, my seven year old niece, newly visiting from Kansas City, greeted me warmly. I love kids--always have. I'm one of those people well-suited to giving piggy-back rides, dinosaur rides and similar "uncle as someone upon whose back to repose" type of critter rides.

My repertoire of games is simple but tested. I will insist in satiric tones that the kid in question cannot pry open the fingers of my fist. The kid then succeeds in doing just that. When all the fingers but the smallest have been "un-fisted", I histrionically intone "You'll never succeed with the PINKY of DOOM!".

I do not get to see my Kansas City niece nearly as often as I would like, but then, now that I think about it, I would like to see her as often as possible. I have three nieces and four nephews, which is not a bad number overall. I probably am a better "Uncle Bob" than I am in filling most other roles in my life, although I have found that I am in that category of "eccentric, often amusing, sometimes weirdly exasperating" uncles rather than "my uncle is as cool as James Bond" kind of uncles. My niece tells me she wishes to fly a kite this weekend. We speak the same language.

It'll be good to spend time with my wife's sisters, each of whom I think are fabulous. I have work to do this weekend, but I will also try to take a decentish part of the weekend off.

The rains yesterday caused flooding in that part of the metroplex which is Trinity River bottoms. What intrigues me is that although this flood basin territory always floods in deep rains, the local news acts as though this is novel, new territory. As the Trinity River is in some places less a river than a great alluvial delta, this makes for lots of "car underwater" great footage in a heavy rain. The headline is never "why do people build in a flood plain?" but always sheepish locals saying "I was sure I could punch it through that six foot water if I just hit the gas!".

Let's hope for dry weather--and strong kite winds.

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